What is this all about?

Morgan Stanley has come up with a little problem to keep you occupied during this year’s conference

Why should I participate?

  • Sweet prizes!
  • Something to do between (or during) talks!
  • You’ll be hearing people talk about software engineering; now you can do some!


Choice of gift certificates, Future Shop or Newegg.ca

  • 1st place    –    $300
  • 2nd place     –    $200
  • 3rd place    -    $100


  • Thursday January 19th 9:00AM    –    Problem description made available
  • Friday January 20th 3:00PM11:59PM    –    Submissions due
  • Saturday January 21st 5:00PM    –    Winners announced


  • Open to all student conference attendees
  • Participate alone or in teams up to 4
  • Use the programming language and platform of your choice


Download the problem description and visit the Problem Page!


Q. What is the largest input file I can expect?
A. Approx. 1 Million blocks (lines)

Q. How to I read in the file?
A. STDIN is preferable ,but if you accept a path as a command line argument that’s okay. In any case, make sure that the instructions to run your program are clear.

Q. Can I submit multiple solutions?
A. Yes, but only one will be considered. By default it will be the most recent version we receive, unless explicitly instructed otherwise.

Q. Can I get my score or see the other submissions’ scores?
A. No. Part of the challenge is not knowing! However, the scoring function that will be used to judge is the same as the one supplied, but with an unknown disk.

More Questions?

Email cusec.competition@gmail.com or come by the Morgan Stanley booth