DemoCamp hosted by Shopify

Joey DeVilla returns to host CUSEC’s DemoCamp! DemoCamp is being held at the Delta in the Riot Games Room starting at 7pm and is open to all students, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and professionals.

It’s a great opportunity for you to get people interested (buzz) in what you are working, to get valuable feedback, and to attract people to join your project (if you need help). Plus, it’s a great way to practice your presentation skills!

There are two rules for presenters:

Rule #1: No slides allowed. Why? Well, do you have working software or don’t you?
Rule #2: Demos are not a second over 10 minutes. Short and sweet!

CUSEC Pub Night: Ye Olde Orchard

Joins us after DemoCamp at Ye Olde Orchard. Buses will leave the hotel at 9:00pm and 9:30pm to take everyone to the Ye Olde Orchard and will start returning back to the hotel at 2:00am. Come hang out for a night of good conversation and drinks with your peers!

Morgan Stanley Networking Event

Morgan Stanley will be hosting a small lunch networking event. You need a ticket to get in, so be sure to speak with the Morgan Stanley reps!

Morgan Stanley Coding Competition

Morgan Stanley has always had a strong presence in the local technology scene and this year is no different! We are seeking the best and brightest students to show off their programming and problem solving skills at the CUSEC coding competition.

Participants will be given a real-world challenge and just over a day to submit a solution using the programming language and platform of their choice. Top 3 teams win prizes!

The schedule for the competition is:

  • Thursday January 19th 9:00 - Problem Description made available
  • Friday January 20th 23:59 - Submissions due
  • Saturday January 21st 17:00 - Winners announced

Individuals or teams of up to 4 will be eligible to participate.

CUSEC 2013: Volunteer Info Session

Love what you see at CUSEC? Even better, dislike what you see at CUSEC? Help make it better by becoming a volunteer! This session is to answer your questions about what it means to volunteer for CUSEC. We will go over the basic positions (Directors and Head Delegates) and the time commitments for each.

Game Night

Bring out your favorite Board Games for our CUSEC Game Night. Taking place at the hotel on Friday night starting at 7pm. There will be free pizza and pop. Challenge someone to a game of Smash Bros or battle it out with some Settlers of Catan.